Tuesday, May 28, 2019



It's difficult to choose between the Process Server and the Sheriff. I had interviewed many people that use process server and the sheriff and the result is very interesting.  People might face bad experience with a process server or the sheriff. It's like anything in life that you will meet a good guy or a bad guy. Some process server might be doing a good job and some might be doing a bad job, which is the same thing as a sheriff. 

I like to show you more of a statistic and fact, rather than just a guessing game. We had interview hundreds of client that use process server or a sheriff. There are more than 78% of people will mostly to use process server and only 19% that use the sheriff. Process server able to cater to the client needs more than the sheriff. The process server is 90% faster in serving than the sheriff. Process server able to give better service and open to more flexible time to serve than a sheriff. Process server able to serve late at night or start their work early in the morning than a sheriff. Most process server work on the weekend and a major holiday. Sheriff only works on weekdays and not on a holiday. 

Many people might think that the sheriff might know laws than a process server. That is not true!
Process server goes through the training and some degree in laws. They work with hundreds of attorney and have knowledge of the law in rules and procedure to be able to perform their duty and take on the more difficult case than the sheriff. They are able to understand and communicate with the attorney or the court and understand the legal terms and civil code. The process server has knowledge in-laws at 58%, which the sheriff has knowledge in-laws at 13%  and the defendant is more like to avoid being served from the sheriff than a process server.

Process server learn the body language and willing to go through all the hassle in asking neighbor. Process server know that dealing with people that is being serve that it's more than 90% chance that people is being serve or family members will lies and denied their identity. Process server will have to come up with a strategies to find out the truth and get the paper serve. 

Process server success rate is 92 % compared to the sheriff is 74 %. Process server might cost a little bit more than the sheriff, but are you willing to jeopardize your case for a couple of dollars more.  The process server can help you with stake-out service and other services like skip-trace and investigation service, which the sheriff will not do. 

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